Ducks and catamarans Hart The Sikkario

Fishing gear Ducks and catamarans Hart The Sikkario. The flagship of the Hart ducks! this powerful model is a hybrid between a traditional duck and a semi-rigid boat, thanks to its generous length and its large load capacity (up to 180 kilos) we can navigate and fish with all comfort, both rowing and finning during long days with little effort and very comfortable due to the high position of its seat. built entirely in polyester of 1.It has 4 high pressure Boston valves, two on the body, one on the seat and the other on the floor. to give more stability and flotation to the set, the Sikkario comes with an additional inflatable floor on which the set of the seat is positioned (with variable position regulation). it comes equipped with integrated oars and bag to carry objects behind the seat.

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