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Lewmar pulleys are considered as exemplary equipment in the performance of a boat, being one of the most popular and demanded brands in the pulley system necessary for sailing boats, providing a high quality with each of its models.

Dedicated to sailboats Lewmar pulleys are part of the regulatory team of many boats and are considered one of the most demanding brands today, being perfect for constant use that can be given over time.

These pulleys Lewmar are manufactured to resist a great weight and to maintain a great durability throughout the years, being a perfect investment due to its resistant manufacture of stainless steel and to the quality that it has to offer with its professional operation.

It is known that pulleys are tools that perform the function of moving and lifting heavy loads on a boat, located mostly on the deck of a boat and with different accessories that allow the rotation or mobility of it to where it is needed.

In the case of this brand, the pulleys for lewmar sailboats are designed to offer greater durability and a better variety of options to ensure greater mobility of them, considering how essential they are for the performance of boats with heavy loads.

The perfect pulleys to use on your sailboat

Being a highly recommended brand, Lewmar boat pulleys offer a variety of models that have to ensure a number of benefits to vessels such as sailboats, being perfect to fulfill its function of moving or lifting loads with ease.


They are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel.

They vary in size and models, depending on the needs of the sailboat.

They are essential for moving heavy loads that cannot be moved manually.

They are guaranteed for two years.

They have a great durability and professional quality.

That is why they are so attractive to purchase from those who have a sailboat in their charge and at you can find a wide range of Lewmar models available at the best price in the market, ready to offer the guarantees that every Lewmar pulley has to offer.

Among its main options you will find the incredible model of the Synchro Pulley T/105 Simple Max. 16mm for a spectacular price of 624.43€ that guarantee the best quality of pulleys for sailboats on the market.


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