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Although we are on the high seas and the weather is a little sunny, it is important to have a water heater. This will allow the crew to bathe with hot water, so that people on the boat will feel at home, thinking about the comfort of the crew of a boat, some models of water heaters are available in

Characteristics of water water heaters

Quick Nautic water heaters have capacities of 15 to 30 liters. On the website you can find round models of this brand, although there are also available models of square.

One of the advantages of the different models is that they allow them to adapt to the space that is in the boat. All water water heaters are electrically operated, working with 220 volts. In addition they have pieces that are of stainless steel, this allows that they can last many years their pieces.

It is important to remember that all water heaters are owned by European companies that produce products of the highest quality. This allows them to keep the best products for comfort in their boats.

At the time of installation it is important that it be done by experts, this way ensures its placement and all people can enjoy hot water on the boat, so they feel at home while on the high seas.

With guaranteed quality

The shipments of these products can be made to all Spain and Europe, generally the shipments take between 42 to 72 hours after having made the payment; all water heaters come with a two-year warranty.

They are also very resistant to the marine environment, so this will allow a great time of utility. It is important to carry out maintenance in order to prevent the heater from being damaged or to stop working.


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